Tangle Angel Original Detangling Brush - Wow White

Manage your hair post shower or when it's dry with Tangle Angel Original Detangling Brush. Perfect for wet or dry hair, the flexible de-tangling bristles gently glide through your locks, combating knots and tangles with ease - leaving your hair soft, smooth and easy to manage.


  • Tangle Angel Original Detangling Brush 
  • Colour: Wow White
  • Anti bacterial - Specially developed antibacterial additives embedded in the plastic 
  • Anti-static
  • Heat resistant to 120 degrees
  • Water resistant - ideal for using in the shower, by the pool or at the beach
  • Ideal for both wet or dry hair
  • Perfect for hair extensions & blow drying
  • Functional design - can be held around the wings for greater control or by the handle for everyday combing & detangling
  • Materials: Plastic
  • Country of origin: N/A